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There are oil industry JOBS in North Dakota and Montana!
Oil jobs are in abundant supply!
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The oil industry is booming in North Dakota, and oil jobs in North Dakota are booming, too! Oil jobs with average salaries of $95,000 per year!

Oil companies and oil-related businesses are hiring in North Dakota, especially in the Bakken area. North Dakota is booming. As the United Stated unemployment rate was over 8%, the North Dakota unemployment rate is an astonishingly low 3%!

"It is going to require tens of thousands of fracking wells to get all that oil up out of the ground, not to mention storage and shipping facilities, pipelines, rail lines and spurs, refineries, plants to handle the derivatives, water storage and treatment facilities, much wider and more ruggedized roads, and a housing and amenities infrastructure that is going to stagger the imagination."
The Bismark Tribune

You can now see Bakken from space:
This photo is from a video shot from the space station.

North Dakota Oil Jobs